Why there is a fear about carrageenan?

Most of the people from Asian countries are having fear about using the carrageenan in their daily food due to some wrong assumptions about the carrageenan. Carrageenan is a safe food ingredient which gives more features when it was added in the food items.

Even though the carrageenan has not contain any kind of vitamins and mineral power in it, when add carrageenan in dairy product it will act as a thickener in that products.same like this carrageenan has been used as a gelling agent, guming agent and it has power for suspension of water content in the food items.

The carrageenan is avoided in the food items because of the below 2 reasons,

  • Confusions with food graded carrageenan and nonfood graded carrageenan,
  • Doubt about the Extraction process of carrageenan,

Confusions with food graded carrageenan and nonfood graded carrageenan:

Basically, there are 2 kinds of carrageenan are present in nature which is classified as food graded carrageenan and nonfood graded carrageenan. (source here)

The non food graded carrageenan is called as polygreenan which is harmful for health. In the starting period of carrageenan comes to the market, there was a confusion about the carrageenan and non food graded carrageenan.

People who are taking non food graded carrageenan in their food are facing serious health problem, due to this reason carrageenan is wrongly understand as a harmful food ingredient.

Doubt about the Extraction process of carrageenan:

Another one reason about fear in using carrageenan is, it is a organic food ingredient. Normally people were think that all organic food ingredients are derived form chemical reactions which is not safe for health.

But this is a wrong assumption because carrageenan is extracted without using any chemical reactions while processing it. So that you can use carrageenan without any fear.

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